Episode 606: Sandwich is Phlegmy

Covid-19 is a jerk. New release dates for phase 4 of the MCU are out, and it breaks a big cinematic winning streak. Monte shares his excitement over upcoming Shudder specials, while Big Kev has a lot to say about Hasbro.

Episode 605: Debauchery at its Finest

The guys give their initial thoughts of 'The Boys' on Amazon Prime. Big Kev and Monte break down the new 'Mandalorian' trailer in different ways. They also have different takes on the PS5 and Xbox, as Sandwich does a deep dive into a new Dungeons and Dragons book.

Episode 604: Changes You Will See

The guys break down a mix bag of Star Wars news. Daisy Ridley reveals a key plot to Star Wars that was ignored, while Lego unveils a special new Cantina set. Monte is ecstatic with news surrounding Ryan Reynolds, but it's Kev's new Tron collectible that has everyone excited.

Episode 603: Chadwick’s Legacy

In this episode we discuss John Boyega opening up about how his character in the Star Wars films became more irrelevant with each film. We also talk about the new Friday the 13th Blu-ray box set, which includes all the films, and behind the scenes content that has Monte excited. Lastly, in segment 1, we discuss the “curiosity crossover” release of the D&D-based Magic the Gathering card set. The Sandwich is excited, as it combines his passions. In segment 2, we discuss the career and legacy of Chadwick Boseman.

Episode 602: Epic Research

Monte is back from the dead! The guys breakdown various aspects of DC Fandome ranging from video games, movies and toy announcements. They also question the possible remake of Planes, Trains & Automobiles; as Monte and Big Kev chat about toys they're both very excited about.

Episode 601: Another One Bites the Dust

New York Comic Con becomes the latest show to fall victim to Covid-19. The guys share their thoughts on the convention being a streaming only event. They'll also chat about the unfortunate layoffs happening at DC, but to end the summary on a positive note, the crew gives analysis on the latest season of Umbrella Academy and future of Animaniacs.

Episode 600: The 600th Episode Spectacular

A milestone in podcasting. The guys reminisce about the history of the show and listen to voicemails from major contributors. They'll also breakdown what it means for 'Mulan' to stream on Disney+, if you should be concerned for the MCU on the streaming platform, and why you should love Karl Urban even more.

EPISODE 599: Groundhog Day

The road to episode 600 continues. The guys analyze the nominations for the 72nd Emmy Awards and the surprise return of the G4 network. They also dissect the reason Rick and Morty has potential to be one of the top shows for years to come. Sandwich also explains why you need to get the new Dungeons and Dragons book ‘Mythic Odysseys of Theros’. All this while combating the craziest of technical difficulties.

EPISODE 598: Jibber Jabber

It’s a rumor everyone hopes is true. There’s talk Donald Glover may return as Lando for a new series on Disney+. Monte surprises Big Kev with details surrounding Cobra Kai. Then the guys look to break down the latest details of streaming conventions.

EPISODE 597: Sentinels Need a Home

Another streaming service hits the scene. Monte gives his initial thoughts on the new NBC streaming service ‘Peacock’. The guys explain why you have to check out the Disney+ service ‘Prop Culture’. Then analysis of the incredibly successful Hasbro Labs campaign for the X-Men Legends Sentinel.

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