What is GeekStuff: TNG?
We are a podcast that’s been around for over 15 years with over 650 episodes. We passionately talk about various topics ranging from comics, movies, shows, toys, table top games and more: A multimedia geek experience! GeekStuff:TNG (formerly “Big Kev’s Geek Stuff”) has been creating various content, including over 650 online episodes, many XM Satellite and Sirrius/XM Satellite Radio episodes and specials, product review and celebrity interview videos, as well as an active social media presence! We passionately talk about any and all topics that make up Geek Culture, including comics, movies, TV, toys, collectibles, all manner of gaming (video, board, miniatures, and role playing, just to name a few!), animation, and more! Most importantly, we are authentic voices in the community, not phonies or fakes with an agenda. We are honest about our opinions, and aren’t being paid to say we like anything or trying to convince you to do so. We are here to inform and entertain our listeners, and give them a break from their troubles; to present the news that is shaping and reshaping Geek Culture, along with a few laughs (with us or at us).

Who is GeekStuff: TNG?

Big Kev

Big Kev has Geek Culture in his bones. From a young age, he was talking about all aspects of the culture, and people listened; from making comic book recommendations at his local shop, to analytical discussions about the toys of the day, to critical and contemplative movie and genre TV reviews. His blog, “Critical Toys” was shared on several sites, and was popular with readers and toy companies, so much so by the latter, that he was called to consult about products and ideas. After becoming a regular voice on several radio shows, as the voice of Geek Culture, his own show was inevitable. With the legendary OG and Mr. Fantastic, “Big Kev’s Geek Stuff”(now “GeekStuff:TNG’) was born! Premiering on XM Satelite Radio, then Sirrius/XM Satelite Radio, and online all the while. It seems Kev will continue running his mouth, as long as someone is listening.


Monte was instantly hooked on Geek Culture by watching shows like the ‘Adventures of Superman’, ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ & ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ in the 80s. He currently dedicates a lot of his time to reading and researching both the Comic Book and Horror industries. When not talking about the fandoms with his GeekStuff:TNG cohorts, you’ll find him helping out at his local comic book store, advising customers on what to check out and looking at the Previews catalog.

The Sandwich

The Sandwich grew up entrenched in superheroes and Geek Culture. He was captivated early on from watching 'Power Rangers', 'Justice League' and 'X-Men'. Beyond his obsession of 90s genre television, These days, he spends his free time playing ‘Magic the Gathering’ and running ‘Dungeons and Dragon’ campaigns at his local shop. The Sandwich analyzes a variety of games, systems, and source books, which makes him the ideal geek on how to organize your gaming nights.

History of GeekStuff:TNG
Prior to launching “Big Kev’s Geek Stuff”, Big Kev and the legendary O.G., had already garnered a following, with their individual websites, and Kev’s frequent appearances on several radio shows. The next natural step was a show of their own. There had never been a show that has a broad-based focus on Geek Culture. Along with the original producer, Mr. Fantastic, “Big Kev’s Geek Stuff” was born. The show quickly became a regular on XM Satelite Radio, and then Sirius XM Satelite Radio. Through the years, the show has gone through a variety of changes; there were many ups and many downs. Through it all, the show has retained its core values and still strives to be all it can be for the fans. In 2019, it was decided that, with O.G. moving to an Executive Producer position and the promotion of The Sandwich to On-Air. The show transitioned and rebranded for a new era as “GeekStuff:TNG”! In June of 2021, Frequent contributor West Coast Scott joined the show full time as Co-host/Producer.