EPISODE 596: Live from the Dining Room

Of course the guys want another Tron movie, but do they want it if Jared Leto is involved? Monte explains why you should be excited for ‘Ready Player 2’, while also keeping emotions tempered. All while two unique teaser trailers are released without spoiling anything … for once.

EPISODE 595: When the Centipede Bites

The Mandalorian is expanding beyond Disney+ with a number of upcoming books. ViacomCBS is looking to freshen up it’s lineup with a 90’s show that leaves Kev confused. Ron Pearlman expands on why Hellboy 3 never happened, while leaving more questions than before.

EPISODE 594: Brilliant Garbage

We’re getting a lot more Mandalorian beyond Disney+. Comedy Central is bringing back one of the most hotly contested cartoons of the 90s, even though the guys can’t figure out why. As Monte explains why he’s ecstatic about a fan made Gambit short-film on YouTube.

EPISODE 593: Live Read

Not playing any games here. The guys give their thoughts about Sony’s Playstation 5 unveiling. Robert Kirkman releases details about ‘Invincible’ that has Monte very excited. Big Kev explains why everyone needs to check out Josh Gad’s show while we’re all stuck in quarantine.

EPISODE 592: The American Tardis

Excellent! Monte flips out over the new ‘Bill & Ted’ Trailer. The guys break down what may happen to the comic industry as DC cuts ties with Diamond Comic Distributors. Jon Favreau releases good news about ‘The Mandalorian’ that makes everyone breathe a sigh of relief.

EPISODE 591: Forward

Confusion over the DCEU continues. Henry Cavill may return as Superman to the Warner Bros. universe. Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc on the movie industry. As a new ‘Goonies’ box set is on the horizon.

EPISODE 590: R.I.P. Larry

HBO Max goes live, but is anyone going to check it out? The guys explain why they’re already tired of the talk regarding Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice Justice League’ cut. Monte breaks down a different kind of ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ book that you may want to skip.

EPISODE 589: Sick & Dark

Disney loses a crucial executive to TikTok, leaving the guys to debate on how much it will impact the entertainment giant. There is good news in a Covid-19 filled world as Netflix unveils the release date of ‘Umbrella Academy’ season 2 in a new video. Monte then shares his thoughts on a special episode of Apple’s ‘Mythic Quest’.

EPISODE 588: All in One Take

Disney+ reveals details of ‘The Mandalorian’ and other content that leaves the guys ecstatic. A sad breakdown about the current state of broadway shows. Big Kev gives his thoughts on a special edition of a ‘Flash Gordon’ set that will come out.

EPISODE 587: Snoochie Boochies

The future of Star Wars is a lot clearer after a number of prominent headlines are released. Monte gives his initial thoughts on Apple TV+, as the Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on the movie industry.

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