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Episode 624: The One with OG this Year

The Executive Producer visits the studio! OG joins the show to talk about Star Wars, Wandavision, plus Dungeons and Dragons.

Episode 623: The More You Know

There's a lot to get to in today's episode. The guys breakdown the Falcon and the Winter Soldier trailer, the future of a Dungeons and Dragons movie and another new toy from Mezco. (all without spoiling anything) GVM = 201-730-2547 Please leave a positive review on iTunes:

Episode 622: The Fourth Chair

The boys are all over the place. They talk about a geeky aspect of a motorcycle museum, the current status of the MCU, an amazing item for Mezco and possibly the greatest voicemails in the show's history. GVM = 201-730-2547

Episode 621: Boing Boing Boing

The boys break down the latest Kong vs Godzilla trailer (which Monte is optimistically skeptical about ... and yes ... that's apparently a thing), Sandman and a bunch of new McFarlane DC toys. GVM = 201-730-2547 Please leave a positive review on iTunes:

Episode 620: Sandwich on Point

The guys breakdown some new Batman figures from Sideshow, Doom Patrol and more. There's also a SLIGHT divide on talks about a new Batman the Animated series. GVM = 201-730-2547

Episode 619: Who the Hell is Clippy?

Happy New Year! The boys break down a lot of news coming out of the MCU, the video game world and the Indiana Jones franchise. They'll also examine some amazing figures coming out of Boss Fight Studios! GVM = 201-730-2547

Episode 618: The Wonderful Blunder of Wonder Woman

It's pretty much all about Wonder Woman 1984 & Star Wars: Mandalorian. We break down these properties in every each way before saying good riddance to 2020.

Episode 617: Devil’s Advocate

Disney+, Disney+ and MORE Disney+! The guys talk about the new announcements the entertainment giant rolled out. Monte also brings back an old bit that leaves Big Kev in stitches.


The guys interview Steven Banks & Tom McLoughlin about Disney's The Black Hole, Steven Banks: Home Entertainment Center and Friday the 13th part 6. GVM = 201-730-2547

Episode 616: The Other Side of the Black Hole

It's an extra special episode of the podcast this week. The boys sit down with Steven Banks and Tom McLoughlin to chat about The Black Hole, Home Entertainment Center, Sponge Bob, Friday the 13th and more! GVM = 201-730-2547

Episode 615: Don’t Be A Jerk

Big Kev and Monte do what they can without young Sandwich around. The guys talk about the amazing buildup Mandalorian is going through and HBO Max's bombshell announcement.

Episode 614: Whatever the Kid Wants

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DOM!!!! The guys talk about the future of the DCU / HBO Max as news about Wonder Woman breaks at the top of the show. Dom then joins the show to talk about two new Dungeons and Dragons books that have the guys extremely excited.

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