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EPISODE 566: Eberon, Mother Fucker!

Disney promises to fix the Simpsons. Jon Favreau wants another Star Wars Holiday Special, but with a nice updated twist. Funko launches a new store that folks will want to check out.

EPISODE 565: Baby it’s Cold Inside

Feige reveals upcoming Marvel details that leaves everyone excited. Chris Evans teases fans with hit thoughts about playing Captain America again.

EPISODE 564: Sandwich Made an Uh Oh

Once again, the upcoming ‘Batman’ movie confuses the guys more and more. Amazon makes a big move to bring ‘Critical Role’ to the masses. As Monte acts like a kid on Christmas morning regarding an update to ‘Creepshow’.

EPISODE 563: Back to the Drawing Board

Monte is looking forward to the new ‘Superman & Louis’ show. Big Kev and Sandwich are loving ‘The Mandalorian’ teaser posters.

EPISODE 562: Last Trailer, Better than Last Jedi

The guys are starting to get more and more nervous about this upcoming Batman movie. Monte is looking forward to Marvel’s upcoming podcasts. You may want to take advantage of a big deal to get Disney+.

EPISODE 561: Volume 2

It’s a brand new day for GeekStuff:TNG. The guys start by breaking down a major promotion for Kevin Feige. We now know what the first day of Disney+ will look like.

EPISODE 560: It’s Not Goodbye

OG has a major announcement.

NYCC 2019 DAY 4

Day 4 of 2019 NYCC

NYCC 2019 DAY 3

Day 3 of 2019 NYCC

NYCC 2019 DAY 2

Day 2 of 2019 NYCC

NYCC 2019 DAY 1

Day 1 of 2019 NYCC

EPISODE 559: Welcome Back, Kev

The guys analyze the highs and lows of the Emmy nominations. Disney’s CEO expresses concerns George Lucas has with the Star Wars franchise.

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