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EPISODE 578: Toy G

The guys breakdown everything Monte saw at the 2020 Toy Fair.

EPISODE 577: Start Listening

Sonic runs to first place at the Box Office, leaving everyone shocked. Stephen Spielberg breaks down what ‘Amazing Stories’ will look like. While no one is surprised by the surprise moves Disney is making to its streaming service.

EPISODE 576: Comp My Parking

The guys breakdown the winners of the 2020 Oscars, while enjoying the list of Razzies. Taika upsets everyone by hitting the breaks on Star Wars rumors. If that doesn’t make you said, Disney will raise prices for its parks -- again.

EPISODE 575: Welcome Back Nuggets

Kathleen Kennedy reveals details of the Indiana Jones franchise, and it makes everyone kind of nervous. Sideshow collectibles releases a life-sized version of ‘The Child’ that Big Kev might want. While Monte breaks down his thoughts on McFarlane’s DC toy line.

EPISODE 574: Where’s My Stick

Big Kev and Sandwich figure out what a delay in the Obi-Wan series means for the franchise. Monte analyzes the epic work John Williams has accomplished. James Gunn is in the spotlight on interesting comments he made about both Marvel and DC movies.

EPISODE 573: Give a Dog a Bone

The boys analyze the awards for the Screen Actors Guild, the future of Apple TV+ and the smart move Disney+ made about Jeff Goldblum’s show. If that’s not enough for you, Big Kev and Sandwich break down what Star Wars could look like with Taika Waititi at the helm.

EPISODE 572: Kev & Rocky are Still Alive

Big Kev is smiling with the way ‘The Joker’ is picking up so many Oscar nominations. Sandwich analyzes an upcoming Dungeons and Dragons book. Monte goes all in on a ‘Quantum Leap’ reboot.

EPISODE 571: It’s Not a Tumor

Disney+ seems too good to be true with a new Star Wars show surrounding the Clone Wars. Quibi peaks Monte’s interest. While the guys debate the future of the Bill and Ted franchise

EPISODE 570: Don’t Spoil Star Wars

Monte is overly optimistic about a new Dark Horse line of comics for featuring a big Neil Gaiman property. Taika is setting the bar really high for the next Thor movie.

EPISODE 569: Nice!

The new Ghostbusters trailer is out. As far as Monte is concerned -- nothing else matters.

EPISODE 568: Don’t Touch My Sister

The guys are excited over the new ‘Black Widow’ trailer. ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ is set to bring in some major bucks. Monte is devastated with the cancellation of one of his favorite shows.

EPISODE 567: Baby Kevin

‘The Mandalorian’. Is there really anything else to talk about?

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