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EPISODE 590: R.I.P. Larry

HBO Max goes live, but is anyone going to check it out? The guys explain why they’re already tired of the talk regarding Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice Justice League’ cut. Monte breaks down a different kind of ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ book that you may want to skip.

EPISODE 589: Sick & Dark

Disney loses a crucial executive to TikTok, leaving the guys to debate on how much it will impact the entertainment giant. There is good news in a Covid-19 filled world as Netflix unveils the release date of ‘Umbrella Academy’ season 2 in a new video. Monte then shares his thoughts on a special episode of Apple’s ‘Mythic Quest’.

EPISODE 588: All in One Take

Disney+ reveals details of ‘The Mandalorian’ and other content that leaves the guys ecstatic. A sad breakdown about the current state of broadway shows. Big Kev gives his thoughts on a special edition of a ‘Flash Gordon’ set that will come out.

EPISODE 587: Snoochie Boochies

The future of Star Wars is a lot clearer after a number of prominent headlines are released. Monte gives his initial thoughts on Apple TV+, as the Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on the movie industry.

EPISODE 586: West Coast Scott Approved

It’s a nostalgic overload for Monte in today’s episode. He shares his thoughts on an upcoming live-action ‘Goosebump’ show. A number of studios change the release date of their upcoming movies. As the guys praise a legendary artist who had a major impact on the toy industry.

EPISODE 585: Essential No More

‘Fraggle Rock’ is making a comeback, which of course leaves the guys excited. San Diego Comic Con is cancelled for the first time in over 50 years, leaving debate on what the future of conventions will look like. Monte meanwhile is overly optimistic about one of his favorite PC games of the 90s.

EPISODE 584: Thanks, Mort

Major changes at the top for Disney, leaving many to wonder if the new CEO can handle a global pandemic. Netflix moves forward with a deal to air ‘Mouse Guard’ content. Big Kev and Monte argue over McFarlane’s Spawn Kickstarter project.

EPISODE 583: One Damn Minute

Oh happy day!!! Pinky and the Brain are going to return 27 years after originally debuting on daytime television. We get a better look at what Rick and Morty will look like this season. Sony unveils what its PS5 controller will look like.

EPISODE 582: The Essential Sandwich

Ryan Reynolds may star in a new Dragon’s Lair movie, which Monte totally supports. A number of studios announce delays of major films due to the pandemic. As the guys figure out how parks, conventions and conventions can bounce back from Covid-19.

EPISODE 581: Optimistic Stuff

Disney quickly expands its streaming service as the Coronavirus continues to spread. GameStop receives major backlash on how workers are treated. While Nick Frost and Simon Pegg reveal their social distancing plan.

EPISODE 580: Speaking of…

We get a first look at the new Batmobile. Disney’s Bob Iger has a whole new set of responsibilities at the entertainment company. King Kong is set to climb the Empire State Building once more.

EPISODE 579: We’ll Do it Live

Everyone questions what DC may look like with the major changes that are undergoing behind the scenes. Fear of the Coronavirus spells bad news for the movie industry. Sandwich breaks down the book ‘Mythic Odysseys of Theros’.

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